Where did Sage Chemutai disappear to? [News]

Where did Sage Chemutai disappear to? |

Most of us came to know Sage Chemutai when she Out So Alive with Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, but for some reason not much has been heard from her since then – at least musically. Have you ever wondered where the mellow-voiced songstress disappeared to or what happened to her? She crossed my mind a few days ago and I sought to find out. As you would expect, the first place I looked is her Y0uTube channel. It then dawned on me that she is still an active musician. Our songbird is still belting out sweet tunes ladies and gentlemen! You should have seen my face when I realized that she’s still releasing music. Actually, she even dropped a new song dubbed Where Did Y0u Go about a fortnight ago. Truth is Sage Chemutai is so talented but I don’t understand why the mainstream media has given her a black out for the last 5 (or so years). If you asked me, I’d rather we see more of her kind than listening to Rieng, Lamba  Lolo, Wamlambez and the likes or we could have a mix of both. We live in a country where people who make beautiful music are given a cold shoulder so much so that you even forget that they even exist. While at it, we celebrate mediocre content and put in on heavy  rotation on our TV and ratio station and this begs a lot of questions. Maybe, just maybe one day we will celebrate the likes of Sage who put so much work into their craft and treat our earbuds to beautiful sounds. Side note: If you know where she is performing next leave a comment below because attending her gig has been on my checklist for the longest time. Like, really! Listen…

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