University of Eldoret Past Questions Papers


The University of Eldoret Past Questions Papers are out – UoE Past Papers. The aim of the University of Eldoret Past exams Papers is to help students prepare for the Exams. This inventory is very essential for every student especially those preparing for examinations.

The University of Eldoret (UoE) Exams committee has made available the past papers for previous exams conducted by the institution. Kindly, follow the below lead to get the papers that will prepare you for the forthcoming exams.

->> University of Eldoret Exam timetable 2022/2023

University of Eldoret Past Papers

The Administration of University of Eldoret has made accessible examination paper from previous years to help students succeed.

University of Eldoret Past Papers will give you an idea of  the Examinations along with how the past question are set.

UoE Past question papers are also available electronically in the Past Exam Papers site online. The starting date differs according to Faculty, the earliest papers being from June 2004. In some cases, You will have to log in to be granted access to the documents.

Study each question in the past paper carefully because most of the exam questions that will be asked will be from the University of Eldoret past papers.

However, there is no doubt that one may run into issues in the process of downloading the past papers, We kindly implore you to drop a comment below and we will respond.

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UoE Past question papers List of subjects

The list of subjects that have been included in the University of Eldoret Past Questions are as follows:

Dir 201: Ethics In International Relations
Bse 125: New Venture Creation
Bpm 211/Bse 211:Legal And Ethical Issues In Project/ Business
Ted 111: Chemistry For Technologies
Bpm 312/ Bse 312: Strategic Marketing In Project Management
Bse 315: Enterprise Process Re-Engineering
Bse 221: Auditing Theory And Practice
Dce 012:Music And Movement Activities
Psy 112: General Educational Psychology
Soc 421: Project Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation
Edk 316: Mbinu Za Lugha Na Fasihi
Edm 211: Mathematics I
His 326: African Economic History Since 1900
Hist 211: Themes In East African History
Cim 211: General Methods Of Teaching
Cim 210: General Methods Of Teaching
His 211: Themes In East African History
Edu 300: Educational Research
Emp 411: Educational Administration And Management
Zoo 300: Animal Physiology 2014/2015
Chem 310: Chemistry Of S- And P-Block Elements 2015
Chem 310: Chemistry Of S And P Block Elements
Emp 310: Educational Planning
Hrd 103: Development Concepts And Applications
Che 110: Fundamentals Of Chemistry
Mat 104: Basic Mathematics And Analytical Geometry
Psy 110: Quatitative Techniques In Education


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