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Travis Scott Receives Official Astroworld Day in Houston [NEWS]


Travis Scott Receives Official Astroworld Day in Houston

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Travis Scott has proven how much his hometown means to him time and time again. Now, the city is repaying him with his own holiday.

Yesterday (Nov. 18), the Houston native recovered from the madness of his Astroworld Festival and went to city hall to accept a special proclamation that officially dubbed the Nov. 18 as Astroworld Day, which is named after both Scott’s most recent album and the theme park that inspired it.

“I grew up here my whole life. I was inspired by Astroworld,” Scott told a crowd of citizens and high school students. “In ’05 when they took it away, it kind of like took a big piece of my heart away. I didn’t have anywhere to go. I just wanted to kind of bring back that feeling and give this city something [so] they can always have something fun to do.”

The city recognized the legacy of the amusement park and the importance of the “Sicko Mode” rapper’s album by rewarding him with his own day in Houston. “One thing about Texas, man. We just stand strong,” Scott said in his speech. “We don’t need nothing special as long as we have each other and somewhere to mess around and just have fun, we can get to it.”

As if his own day and festival isn’t enough, Scott is also in the process of creating exclusive Astroworld-inspired jewelry

Watch Travis Scott’s Astroworld Day acceptance speech below.

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