Tharaka University College Fee Structure 2023/2024 – PDF Download

The Official Tharaka University College, TUC Fee Structure 2023/2024 – PDF Download, The Authority of the TUC has released the amount payable as school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Tharaka University College Prospective candidates who are offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the TUC Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme for 2023/2024 academic session are hereby informed that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as an acceptance fee.

What Are the Current School Fees of TUC?

If you are seeking Admission into TUC it is best to be fully aware of the current tuition fees, and this knowledge will help you to avoid Admission Mistakes. See below;

TUC Fees Structure Schedule

To access the official Tharaka University College (TUC) Tuition and fees schedule;

  • Go to the Tharaka University College (TUC) Website
  • Next, click fees on the menu bar
  • Access the Tharaka University College (TUC) Fees Structure or download the fees booklet pdf.

Tharaka University College (TUC) Official Website:

From the Link above, you can access the Tharaka University College (TUC) Fee Structure





B.Sc. (Computer Science)

55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block



B.Sc. (Applied Computer Science)




55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Banking & 

Finance, Human Resource Mgt, Marketing,

Management Science, Insurance

& Risk

Management, OR Cooperatives Management)




50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block

-Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise 


-Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics




50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block



Bachelor of Cooperatives Management

50,000/= / 

semester 34,000/=/block

B.Ed. (Primary Option) 40,000/=/ block
B.Ed. (Arts Education) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Ed. (Science Education) 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Agricultural Education & Extension) 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
Bachelor of Psychology 50,000/=/semester
B.Ed. (Early Childhood Development) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
Bachelor of Hotel Management 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block

55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block

B.Sc. (Wildlife Enterprise & Management)
B.Sc. (Animal Science) 55,000/= / semester
B.Sc. (Agriculture) 55,000/= / semester
BSc (Food Science and Technology) 55,000/=/semester
B.A. (Criminology and Security Studies). 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Community Development) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Economics & Statistics) 50,000/= / semester
B.A. (Economics and Sociology) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.A. (Linguistics and Literature) 50,000/=/semester
B.A. (Kiswahili and Geography) 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science 55,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics 55,000/=/semester

-Diploma in Business Management

-Diploma in Accounting

-Diploma in Human Resource Management

-Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Mgt

-Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management

35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Computer Science 35,000/=/semester 30,000/=/block
Diploma in Animal Health and Production 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Meat Science and Technology 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Farm Resources Management 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
-Diploma in Horticulture 

-Diploma in Agriculture & Rural Development

Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Wildlife Management
Diploma in Education (Secondary Option) 36,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Education (Primary Option) 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Education (Early Childhood                           Development Education) 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Agricultural Education & Extension 36,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Counselling Psychology 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
-Diploma in Community Development 

-Diploma in Criminology & Security Studies

-Diploma in Disaster Management

-Diploma in Project Planning & Management

-Diploma in Social Work

-Diploma in Leadership & Public Administration

-Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication

35,000/=/semester 29,000/=/block

-Certificate in Business Management

-Certificate in Procurement & Logistics Mgt

Certificate in Computer Science 30,000/=/semester
Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management 30,000/=/semester
Certificate in Animal Health and Production 25,500/=/semester
Certificate in Early Childhood Education 30,000/=/semester
-Certificate in Community Development 

-Certificate in Criminology & Security Studies

-Certificate in Project Planning

& Management

-Certificate in Social Work

-Certificate in Disaster Management 

-Certificate in Leadership & Public Admin

Certificate in Computer Literacy/Packages 30,000/=/course
-Certificate in National Cohesion, Values and Principles of Governance 

– Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management

30 ,000/course
Certificate in Bridging in all KCSE subjects (Math, Biol, Phys, Chem, English, Kisw) 15,000/=/course


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