Premier Academy Jobs 2021 for Personal Assistant to the CEO

Premier Academy Jobs 2021 for Personal Assistant to the CEO available. See details below on how to apply for the position of Personal Assistant to the CEO in Millar Cameron.

The word Charity easily resonates with the Premier Academy community. Charity constitutes the social conscience of the school. Our school vision clearly gives the key reason for our existence; to produce ‘model citizens of the world’. A model global citizen must be compassionate, sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others. Our charity is geared towards improving access to and quality of education for the less fortunate. We aim to lift the hopes, spirits and dreams of underprivileged children. An educated child benefits not just him/herself and their family but the wider community. It has been said that educating a ‘girl-child’ is educating a society.philanthropy In the furtherance of this cause, the school sets aside Term 1 of every academic year for charity fundraising activities which has seen tremendous growth over the years.

Premier Academy is a co-educational day school for students aged 2 1/2 – 19 years offering an adapted British National Curriculum.

At Premier Academy, we strive to empower our staff by creating an exceptional learning environment for our students. We are currently updating our prospective teachers’ database for the KG, Prep and Secondary Sections. I

As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the rise of e-learning, where teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. With this sudden shift away from traditional classroom learning in many parts of the globe, our students and parents are left wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact their university education.

A student who received an offer need not worry about post-pandemic terms because universities abroad are keen on having the applicants in their campus once face to face learning resumes. On the other hand online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning the changes coronavirus have caused are not all negative.

There have already been successful transitions amongst many universities. For example, The Imperial College London started offering a course on the science of coronavirus, which is now the most enrolled class launched in 2020.  However in Kenyan public universities things are different because imposing online learning on students in the most remote areas of the country without good network coverage and electricity is not logical. On the other hand private universities such as Strathmore and USIU have already started delivering classes online with some of our students joining this month.

Responsibilities typically include:

  • Managing the diary of the CEO
  • Scheduling for appointments
  • Acting as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls
  • Managing diaries and organising meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the manager/executive
  • Booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation
  • Organising events and conferences
  • Reminding the CEO of important tasks and deadlines
  • Typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence
  • Managing databases and filing systems
  • Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems
  • Liaising with staff, suppliers and clients
  • Collating and filing expenses
  • Miscellaneous tasks to support their manager, which will vary according to the sector and to the manager’s remit, eg completing some corporate governance reporting (to ensure that the business is being run properly and complying with legislation and regulations) or conducting research.

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