Parastatals in Kenya 2020: List of the Best Paying

Parastatals in Kenya 2020 List has been successfully uploaded online. If You are looking for any Kenyan organization/ Parastatal? This page is probably what you need, You can review the list of Parastatals in Kenya and their contacts as well.

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There are different parastatals in Kenya based on classes, However We will list out the best parastatals in Kenya alphabetically, they pay their employees well.

If You want to get Parastatal jobs that falls under for any category, You will probably want to check for the best, biggest, richest or best paying parastatals in kenya. For this reason We have compiled the list below for You.

Classes of state corporations in Kenya

Government organizations in Kenya are classified into three main classes; A, B and C. What determines their classes is their pay scale. Class A parastatals pay better than Class B parastatals, which, additionally pay better than class C.

parastatals also serve as a source of employment to many Kenyans. This way, they lessen the number of jobless Kenyans in the country. Nevertheless, to get a job with them, one should be well educated and experienced. They help the government to run its business and other elements. They are also responsible for certain services to the general public.

Best Paying Parastatals in Kenya

Here is the list of the top 10 paying Parastatals in kenya

  1. National Security & Intelligent Service
  2. Kenya Airports Authority
  3. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  4. Central Bank of Kenya
  5. Nairobi Securities Exchange
  6. KenGen
  7. Kenya Power
  8. Communication Authority of Kenya.
  9. Kenya Pipeline
  10. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

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Parastatals in Kenya 2020 and their contacts

Here is the complete list of the parastatals in Kenya for 2020.

  1. Geothermal Development Company
  2. Kenya leather development council board.
  3. Kenya electricity transmission company (KETRACO).
  4. Kenya pipeline company (KPL). New Kenya co-operative creameries
  5. National cereals and produce board.
  6. Kenya meat commission.
  7. Anti-female genital mutilation board.
  8. National bureau of statistics.
  9. Consolidated bank board of directors.
  10. National hospital insurance fund board.
  11. National drought management authority.
  12. Kenya medical training college board.
  13. Kerio valley development authority.
  14. Water resource management authority.
  15. Lake Basin development authority
  16. National water conservation and Pipeline Corporation.
  17. Tana and Athi rivers development authority.
  18. Kenya marine authority.
  19. LAPSSET corridor development authority.
  20. Kenya broadcast corporation.
  21. Postal Corporation of Kenya.
  22. Kenya information and communication board of directors.
  23. National sports fund board of trustees.

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