P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya: Application Intake 2021

P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya and the respective intakes 2021 are as follows. See the various colleges that enroll p1 teachers in 2021. To enroll, apply for p1 teachers intake 2021.

Before applying for p1 teachers intake 2021, check if You meet the p1 qualifications for 2021. The p1 qualifications 2021 depends on the college in question. Check the p1 Application 2021 for intake .

P1 teachers training colleges

The Ministry of Education fosters the growth of private and public teachers training colleges in Kenya for 2021. Considering overwhelming numbers of these institutions, we will narrow down the list by introducing you to the best P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya. Additionally, you will get acquainted with fundamental details about these colleges to make an informed choice in your career path and interests, these information include: p1 qualifications, application forms, intakes 2021.

P1 teacher education is not only beneficial to learners but also to the society as well. Our list of colleges offering P1 studies is derived in line with an understanding that a well-instructed child eventually becomes a productive member of the community. Read on these colleges and what they offer Kenyan P1 teachers.

P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya

The following are the top 30 best p1 teachers training colleges in Kenya. If You are looking for the best, You have gotten the best.

The Ministry of Education recently rolled out a notice announcing P1 teachers intake. Qualified candidates are now confronting tough decisions regarding the best institution to join for the excellent learning experience.

P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya and their qualifications are

1. Kenya Technical Teachers College

KTTC is very aggressive in exposing its trainees to varied working environments while delivering curriculum instructions. The relevance of P1 studies is apparent in the skills imparted to trainees during the study period. Apart from program development, P1 graduate teachers are expected to meet competitive thresholds in communication, instructional technology and psychology, ICT, Instructional methods, tests and measurements, and practical teaching.

Kenya Technical Teachers College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

Before applying, You have to check the p1 qualifications 2021 for Kenya Technical Teachers College Intake.

Apply today by visiting the college portal for a downloadable and fillable P1 application form. After filling the form, send it back via email to registrar@kttc.ac.ke or as a mail to

The Chief Principal,

Kenya Technical Trainers College,

P.o. Box 44600-00100 GPO,


Together with the application form, attach copies of your professional and academic certificates and transcripts, original receipt of payment for application fee of one thousand Kenyan shillings, and copy of National Identity Card, for your application to be complete.

2. Bondo Teachers Training College

Started in 1988, Bondo TTC has emerged to become a center of excellence in training P1 teachers. The institution was established on loan acquired by the Kenyan government mainly to train pre-service P1 teachers. The school sits in a forty-five-acre community donated field in Bondo, Siaya County.

Bondo Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 for Bondo Teachers Training College Intake.

Found along Bondo-Usenge Road, Bondo TTC offers reputable P1 teaching instructions to learners. Moreover, the school offers ECDE and ICT course. Get access a printable P1 application form while the intake lasts. This form is currently the only one available online. Therefore, be sure to contact the college to conform it’s validity and get details about updated application forms if here any. You may choose to fill and submit the form online, download then fill and send via email, or print then email it back or send via the postal office.

3. Shanzu Teachers College

Shanzu TTC is a public college offering unmatched primary teaching instructions to its learners. The school has strategically invested in ICT systems in order to make learning and education within the college friendlier. Sources also highlight that Shanzu College promotes private courses such as Human Resource Management, Business Administration, and Information Technology among others. The institution has holistically invested in knowledge of the economy making it overly appealing to Kenyan students. Visit Shanzu TTC website to fill an online application form. You will be required to fill your personal data, details of the program that you are interested in, your academic profile, additional data, declaration, and verification, and make application fees payment before finishing the application process.

Shanzu Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 for Shanzu Teachers Training College Intake before moving to Shanzu TTC application Process.

Source: thestar.co.ke

4. Murang’a Teachers College

MTC began in 1991 and it sits on a 100-acre land in Murang’a County. The institution opened on 22nd October 1991 admitting about 360 learners to various programs offered at the time. Murang’a Teachers College holds a legacy in training competent P1 instructors admitted reasonably from across the country. To find out if the P1 application form is now available, contact the institution through the contact details provided on the portal.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before proceeding to the P1 Intake 2021 application Process.

Shanzu Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intake 2021.

5. Thogoto Teachers College

The college runs in Kikuyu, Kenya and grants learners with a remarkable opportunity to pursue different courses including P1 teaching. The institution is now open for new learners interested in enrolling for P1 studies. To earn a place at Thogoto Teachers College, fill the inquiry form and you will get a response on how to go about the procedure.

Shanzu Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intake 2021.
You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before proceeding to the P1 Intake 2021 application Process.
Source: myskuulkenya.com

6. Asumbi Teachers Training College

Are you are interested in becoming a professional teacher in the P1 category? Asumbi Teachers Training College might be the best place for you to start. The institution is found in Homabay County and guarantees learners with high-quality training. The school also promotes extra-curricular activities in advancing learners’ talents. To obtain Asumbi TTC application form, visit the institution’s admissions office.

Asumbi Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before proceeding to the P1 Intake 2021 application Process.

7. Garissa Teachers Training college

Garissa TTC is of the successful Kenya teachers training college offering P1 studies in Garissa County. The school opened in 1996, later emerging as a center of academic excellence in the region. Besides P1 studies, Garissa Teachers Training College offers extensive training in early childhood development.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before applying to any of the P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya through the P1 Intake 2021 portal.

For info about the application procedure and how to get the application forms, contact the institution via:

Telephone number:0714 101 413/0773 208 392

Fax: 2130

Postal Address: (70100) 496

Email Address: garissattc@yahoo.com

Garissa Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intake 2021.

8. Bomet Teachers’ Training College

BTTC is a Bomet County-based college with a specialty in training instructors including P1 teachers.

You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before applying to any of the P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya through the P1 Intake 2021 portal.

Apply today for a chance to pursue a career in primary school teaching profession by visiting the institution’s admissions office to get the application form.

Bomet Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

9. Othaya Teachers’ College

Othaya TTC sits in southern Nyeri and about 150 kilometers from Nairobi City. The school is also about 18 kilometers from Nyeri Town in the vicinity of the district headquarters. The school opened approximately a decade ago enrolling students in P1 studies among other courses. You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before applying to any of the P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya through the P1 Intake 2021 portal. Apply for a chance to engage in P1 studies today, either online or by downloading the application form and sending it back to the institution via email or post office as indicated in the application form.

Othaya Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

10. Kigari Teachers Training College

Found at Kigari, Embu County, KTTC is a pioneering college in the country established in 1910. The school started with Church Missionary Society initially training evangelists and catechists. Over time, the institution transformed into a haven for innovation, social welfare, and agricultural education. You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before applying to any of the P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya through the P1 Intake 2021 portal. Enroll for a P1 course at Kigari Teachers Training college by visiting their admission office for an application form and fill your details as required.

Kigari Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

11. Kericho Teachers College

Kericho Teachers Training College is a Kericho County-based teachers’ learning center located off Kericho-Nakuru Road. For details on application form and procedure, contact

Kericho Teachers Training College

Kericho TTC, P.O.Box 10-20210

Email: reachus@kerichottc.ac.ke

Asumbi Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

Source: travelblog.org

12. Kagumo Teachers College

Located along Karatina-Mukurweini Road in Nyeri County, Kagumo Teacher’s College reliably prepares its learners to adapt with both early childhood and primary teaching among other technical studies. You have to confirm the p1 qualifications 2021 before applying to any of the P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya through the P1 Intake 2021 portal.

Fill the application form to secure a chance at this great institute.

Kagumo Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intake 2021.

Visit Kagumo TTC website to view downloadable forms on fees structure, general requirements, medical examination, policy on pregnancy, department requirements, and subject combinations and entry requirement. This way, you will know exactly what is required to become a student at the institution.

13. Narok Teachers College

The institution started in 1991 and features among five other colleges opened at the time. The college runs in Narok County and admits a large number of learners, most of them P1 students. Visit the institution to obtain up to date application forms.

Narok Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intakes 2021.

14. Kamwenja Teachers’ Training College

Kamwenja is among the leading teachers training institutions in Nyeri County and Kenya as a whole. The learning institution is about eight kilometers from Nyeri Town along Kingongo-Ihururu road. The school started in 1924 under the sponsorship of Consolata Missionary Society.

Kamwenja Teachers Training College for P1 teachers intake 2021.

Pioneers of the institution include Bishop Perlo Vicar Apostolic of Nyeri. Nyeri Teachers Training College, Kamwenja TTC, remained under the management of Consolata Missionary Society until 1958. Kamwenja is a derivative name of an ancient man called Mwenja who owned a fig tree. For details on the P1 application form, visit the institution or contact the management through:

Kamwenja Teachers’ College

P.O Box 152 – 10100


Telephone Nos:+254 726 238 121, +254 731 176 054

Email: kamwenjattc@yahoo.com

15. Tambach Teachers Training College

Established on the verge of 1980 and 1990s, Tambach is a public institution offering primary school teachers with sufficient academic and vocational training. The college is established along Eldoret-Kabarnet Road at Kerio Escarpment in Keiyo North District. Tambach TTC is about 43 kilometers to the east of Eldoret Town. Visit the admissions office for the latest details on the application procedure.

Source: tambachttc.ac.ke

16. Meru Teachers’ Training College

The college is found in Meru County off Meru-Maua Road and it offers extensive courses in teacher’s education including P1 and early childhood development education. Visit the institution for application forms for the next enrollment.

17. Kaimosi Teachers’ Training College

Kaimosi Teachers’ Training College based in Kaimosi Township, Vihiga County. The college is renowned for productive primary school teachers and competent early childhood development instructors. If you visit Kaimosi TTC website, you will understand why you should apply; reasons ranging from academic excellence to experienced staff and tutors. Fill the Kaimosi TTC application form and submit your request to join the institution.

18. Egoji Teachers’ Training College, ETTC

ETTC was set up by the Catholic Diocese of Meru in 1959. The institution is the work facilitated by Consolata Fathers under the leadership of pioneering Meru Bishops Rt. Rev. Victor Bessone and Rev. Fr. La-Greca. The couple served as the first principal and chaplain at Muthara in northern Meru. Visit the school’s admission office to get an application form.

19. Presbyterian Teachers College

The college is at Chuka in Meru County where it offers Kenyan learners with sufficient skills in primary education and curriculum.

20. Kabete Teachers Training Institute

The college structures are noticeable off Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, Kenya where it offers a high caliber P1 training system and curriculum in the region.

Source: pulselive.co.ke

21. Kilimambogo Teachers Training College

The school runs along Thika-Garissa Road about 25 kilometers from the heart of Thika Town. Kilimambogo is a modern learning center lucrative for candidates interested in pursuing quality P1 studies.

22. Mwingi West Teachers Training College

Found off Nairobi-Garissa Road, in Nguutani Market around Kithyoko, Mwingi West Teachers Training College is a favorite for detailed studies in primary education. Visit MWTTC website for details on application requirements and then contact management to obtain an application form to kick start your teaching career today.

23. Mutitu Adventist Teachers Training College

MATTC is one of the Seventh Day Adventist training colleges managed and regulated by the Central Kenya Conference, in Eastern Kenya Union Conference. The college sits at Makueni County, Mbooni West District. The college is a kilometer away from Machakos central business district. Aspiring to join Mutitu Adventist Teachers Training College? Visit the college for an application form to get your career started.

24. Islamic Teachers’ Training College

The college is found in Mombasa County, and it attracts learners from across the country. The idea that led to the establishment of this school sprung in 1982. The plan masterminded by a course conducted in Mombasa comprising Makkah Saudi Arabia and Ummul-Qurah. The convention found it fit to start and run an Islamic primary teachers training college to serve Islamic need right from childhood. 2018 September intake is ongoing, therefore, download the P1 certificate application form from the institution’s website and fill it today.

Source: ittcmsa.com

25. Trans-Nzoia Teachers’ Training College

Trans Nzoia Teachers’ Training College is undoubtedly one of the fasting growing and competitive colleges in the country offering teachers training instruction. Located in Trans Nzoia County, the college is established strategically along Kitale-Eldoret Road. You can visit the institution for finer details on the application procedure.

26. Migori Teachers Training College

Migori TTC is at Migori County, along Migori-Suna Road. The college runs on competitive academic and vocational programs with a strict emphasis on P1 studies, early childhood studies, computer literacy, as well as computer packages. One impressive thing about Migori Teachers Training College is freedom of education allowing learners to further their careers on both part-time and full-time modes, depending on preferences. Migori TTC website should be visited in order to find out more about the application procedure.

27. Kamagambo Adventist College

Kamagambo is a private teachers’ training college found along Kisii-Rongo Road within Kisii County. The institute is handy in equipping learners with adequate skills to further their careers in early childhood development and teaching as a whole. Fill the online application form and secure a slot at the institution.

28. Nakuru Teachers’ Training College

The college is located at Salgaa in Nakuru County, and it offers thorough training of learners with adaptive skills. The school’s mission is to produce competent teachers not only in academics but also in character. It is Nakuru TTC’s front row interest to equip graduates with managerial and administrative skills. The application form to Nakuru TTC can be filled onlinethen submitted together with other documents as required.

Source: nakuru.co.ke

29. Masai Teachers’ Training College

The college is located at Karen Estate, Nairobi County. Top in the list of the school’s priority is producing skilled graduates but also responsible citizens with the interest of their careers at heart.

More of Kenya teachers training colleges

  • Amicus Group of Schools – Nairobi
  • Blescohouse Teachers Training College – Nakuru
  • Carol Teachers Training College – Rongai
  • Christ the Teacher Institute for Education – Nairobi
  • Consolata College – Nairobi
  • Deans Teacher Training College – Nairobi
  • International Teachers Training College – Nairobi
  • Islamic Teachers’ Training College – Maragua
  • Jerusa Teachers Training College, Jttc – Butere – Kakamega
  • Kithimani Integrated Teachers College – Kithimani
  • Machakos Teachers Training College – Machakos
  • Maragua Teachers Training College – Muranga
  • Nyanchwa Teachers Training College – Kisii
  • Orthodox Teachers Training College of Africa – Nairobi
  • Special Education & Professional Studies College – Nairobi
  • Embu College, Embu
  • St. Austin’s Teachers Training College – Ishiara
  • St. John’s Teachers Training College – Thika
  • Sunrise Teachers College – Athi River
  • Tec Teachers Training Institute – Nairobi

About P1 Teachers training colleges in Kenya List and application forms

The curriculum is essential when it comes to teachers training colleges offering p1 studies as with other courses. A survey facilitated by the World Bank revealed shocking results that only 35% of instructors in public schools had a mastery of what they were delivering to students. Interestingly, P1 colleges are becoming exceedingly popular in the country and thus propagating education even to the marginalized locations. The latter trend is expected to raise academic awareness among primary school teachers with the aid of new technology.

Kenya teachers training college application forms are finally out. Most P1 teachers training colleges in Kenya are open for a potential candidate to submit their application for enrollment. Visit the online portal of the college to access the application form and contacts for further help on how to secure a study vacancy. If the institution does not have an online website with downloadable application forms, visit the particular institution’s admissions office and inquire how to go about the process. It is worth the efforts since you are securing your future through quality P1 education. You can find the most recent P1 registration form at the Ministry of Education website.

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