MKU Open Distance Electronic Learning – ODEL 2020


Mount Kenya University MKU Open Distance Electronic Learning – Odel has started. This helps students to be able to keep their distance as they study. Though, this may be expensive but it is valuable during this time of pandemic.


The Mount Kenya University (MKU) begins the Open Distance Electronic Learning (ODEL) for students. We have provided information on what everyone participating and wants to participate has to know.

Mount Kenya University E Learning ODEL

The learning materials for web-based learning are developed by qualified module developers. The learning is facilitated by the faculty. Assessment and evaluation is done as per the university examinations regulations and guidelines.The staff and students are trained on web-based Learning as stipulated in the training manual.

The staff and students are continuously trained on web-based Learning as stipulated in the training manual, Currently the DIBL and Virtual students share the same units for the courses offered in both modes of study and they share the Instructor and the modules.

Students in both modes of learning are provided with the necessary administrative, academic and technical support through the Directorate of ODEL and the academic schools. The support to students is also shared which makes it economical.

The instructor student interaction is online through the Digital Learning Management System.The DIBL is a blended mode of study where one-third of the learning is delivered through face-to-face (14 hours) while two-thirds (28 hours) is done through web-based learning.Face-to-face learning takes place during school holidays while the web-based learning is done through Virtual Learning Management System (VLMS)

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