Lesson 3 Review: The Birdcage


Memory Text: “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials” (1 Peter 1:6, NKJV).

A caged bird learned to sing the song the Master wanted him to sing after many trials in the dark where his master put him. God sometimes uses situations to teach us to sing His song, though it is easy to understand that Satan causes pain, this week will also explain to us if God can guide us into the crucibles where we experience hurt and confusion.

What lesson can we learn from the Israelite’s Red Sea crossing?

Following God does not assure us of constant happiness, God led the Israelites to the red sea with the Egyptians chasing them from behind leaving the Israelites terrified. However, God led them to the red sea, so He can glorify Himself and they can fear and believe Him. Our Christian life should be one that has to do with our openness and submission to God’s instructions and leading.

What lessons should the Israelites have learned after the incidents at Marah and Rephidim as recorded in Exodus 15:22-27 and Exodus 17:1-7 respectively?

God was still among them leading them, but they let themselves be blinded by the crucibles they were facing, the Israelites could have learned from these two incidents that God is still in control even if they are facing crucibles.

What lessons can we learn from the account about Jesus’ overcoming the temptation of Satan?

Jesus was led by the Spirit to the Wilderness where He was tempted by the devil. Although temptations can be so difficult because they usually appeal to what we want and come at our weak points, Jesus overcame the temptation, rather than debating within Himself if God was truly leading Him or worse giving in to the temptation. God can lead us also into situations that test our faith, and even if we fall, we have hope in Jesus who stood firm no matter the gravity of the sin.

What ultimate assurance does Peter’s message give to those going through trials?

Whatever we may be going through now cannot be compared to the glory that we have through Jesus’ death. We should not lose faith in God, because the reward that awaits those who will stay faithful is greater than the trials we may currently be facing.

How can we advise someone like Alex who seems to be going through grave tragedy even after following Christ?

God has promised to never leave nor forsake us, His grace is sufficient for us and no matter what we may be facing, all things work together for good to those who love God. No matter the trial, the advice for someone like Alex will be not to let go the end is for good and he has a greater reward in heaven if he stays faithful.

In Conclusion,

God brings us into unpleasant places to test our faith and among other reasons to show us why we need Him, as Paul says everything works together for good to those that love God. As Christians what we are to do is to open our hearts to God’s instructions and submit to His continual leading because He is always there for us to lead us even in the unpleasant places. I pray that God blesses us as we yield to God’s leading in Jesus’ name.

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