Lesson 13 Review: Israel in Egypt


Memory Text: “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly” (Genesis 47:27, NKJV).

Jacob joins his sons in Egypt, and blesses Pharaoh and his sons too. Although Israel had possessions in Egypt, they looked for the Promised Land God will give them.

What is the significance of Jacob’s departure from Canaan?

Jacob’s departure was in totality, God commands Jacob to leave for Egypt, and everyone who left for Egypt was seventy signifying totality. Jacob left for Egypt with everything he had.

How did God prosper Jacob and his sons in the land of Egypt?

God granted Jacob and his sons favour in the eyes of Pharaoh, they were given the best of the land, and they were not living as beggars, Pharaoh offered to give one of the sons of Jacob the position of the “Chief Herdsmen”. Jacob blessed Pharaoh although he was a foreigner to him.

Why did Jacob bless Joseph’s two sons and not his other grandsons?

“Jacob’s blessing on Joseph’s two sons essentially concerns Joseph.”

What is the spiritual significance of Jacob’s blessing on his sons?

Jacob sees the future, the Messiah, the ultimate hope of salvation, hence his opening words, “in the last days” (Gen. 49:1). The prophecies also do not imply that God made the future turn out that way, these are just prophecies of how their character and the characters of their children will affect the course of things.

What prophecy is given in Genesis 49:8-12 about Judah and why is it important?

God does know the future and knows that Jesus will come from the tribe of Judah. Judah will not only produce King David, but also the Shiloh, the One to bring “peace”, Shalom.

What three hopes conclude the book of Genesis?

First, there is hope that Israel will return to the Promised Land. Second, there is hope that God will turn evil into good. Third, there is hope that God will change fallen mankind.

In Conclusion,

God turned the evil Joseph’s brothers intended to do to Joseph into good, Joseph was sent to preserve life and the prophecy made to Abraham many years ago, had to be fulfilled. Lessons are also found in Jacob’s blessings on his sons, these blessings were more of prophecies, these only tell of how the course of events will be, and more important is the hope of salvation in the Messiah the blessing on Judah points to. Wherever we find ourselves, we can always make God known to the people there, just as the Israelites were a very good influence on the people of Egypt, I pray that we are true witnesses of God in Jesus’ name.

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