Lesson 12 Review: Joseph, Prince of Egypt


Memory Text: “And Pharaoh said to Joseph, ‘See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt’ ” (Genesis 41:41, NKJV).

Joseph becomes the leader of Egypt, and his brothers will have to bow before him as was predicted in the dream many years back. However, the whole sequence of events was not just about Joseph’s success but more about his brother’s repentance, Joseph forgave his brothers despite all the evil they did to him.

How do we see God in the success of Joseph?

God not only reveals the dream and its interpretation to Joseph, but He also gives the solution to which Pharaoh and his servants attest. The interpretations of the dreams come to pass and there is plenty in the land, even past the point where it could not be measured, and the grains of the land were as the sand of the sea indicating the kind of blessing that comes from God.

What are the two fundamental characters through which the providential nature of the meeting in Genesis 42 is highlighted?

First, it is seen as a fulfillment of Joseph’s dreams that predicted thus “your sheaves… bowed down to my sheaf (Gen. 37:7, NKJV).

Secondly, the meeting is seen as a response to what had befallen Joseph. The phrase “they said to one another” was also used when they wanted to plot against Joseph. Simeon’s imprisonment echoes the imprisonment Joseph received. Rueben’s warning some twenty years ago to his brothers to not shed blood aligns with his words at the meeting, “his blood is now required of us”. IN summary, the brothers felt guilty for what they had done to Joseph.

What effect did Benjamin’s presence have on the course of events?

Benjamin’s presence dominated the course of events, Benjamin was favored in many ways that his brothers were not favoured. Joseph’s heart yearned more for Benjamin than for his other brothers and through Benjamin Joseph could test the brothers to see if Benjamin was regarded with the envy and hatred that had been manifested toward himself.

Why did Joseph put the divination cup in Benjamin’s sack and not in another brother’s sack?

This was to further test their brothers and to awaken in his brothers’ hearts their sense of guilt toward God since the stealing of the cup brings about severe punishment. ‘The brothers of Joseph were all united in the same pain, fearing for Benjamin who will be lost as was Joseph and like him become a slave in Egypt’. Judah who was the initiator of the plan to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites decides to present himself as a substitution to be a slave instead of Benjamin.

How was Joseph gracious to his brothers?

Joseph declares that God sent him which serves not only to reassure his brothers that Joseph had forgiven them but it is also a profound confession of faith, and an expression of hope. Joseph sends his brothers to go bring their father in Carts and with specific words that express that Joseph is alive.

In Conclusion,

Joseph could have given restitution for what his brothers had done to him but he was gracious to them, he forgave them and favoured them. This story has an important lesson about love, faith and hope, God sent Joseph to preserve life though it seemed like something different to Joseph’s brothers. We can learn a very important lesson of forgiveness too, Joseph forgave his brothers even when he had all the power to take vengeance on them, we can also forgive those who wronged us to any degree since our Father in heaven constantly forgives us our sins it won’t be out of place to forgive any matter the circumstance. I pray that God gives us the grace to forgive to any degree in Jesus’ name.

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