Lesson 11 Review: Joseph, Master of Dreams


Memory Text: “Then they said to one another, ‘Look, this dreamer is coming!’ ” (Genesis 37:19, NKJV).

Joseph’s life highlights two important theological truths: God fulfills His promises; God can turn evil into good. Joseph is nicknamed “master of dreams” but this week’s lesson will tell us how this title given to him fits him well.

What family dynamic predisposed Joseph’s brothers to hate him so much?

Jacob loved Joseph more than all his brothers, he even went far as to make him a tunic of many colors. Joseph also would bring bad report about his brothers to his father. These predisposed Joseph’s brothers to hate him so much even before the incident of the dreams.

How did Jacob take Joseph’s dreams when he heard them?

Although Jacob rebuked Joseph when he narrated to him and his sons his dream about them all bowing down to Joseph, he kept it in his mind, meditated on its meaning and waited for its fulfillment.

What does Joseph’s brother’s plot to kill him teach us about how sinful man can be?

Jacob’s brothers were simply jealous of Joseph and they hated him so much, that they went to the extent of plotting to kill him notwithstanding the fact that he was their brother. Sometimes, our very brothers can be an enemy to us, however, God is the only one who will remain our friend, He will always save us from every evil our brothers may want to do to us as He did for Joseph.

What lesson can we take from the story of Judah and Tamar?

God saved Tamar through His grace, and transformed evil into good, thus teaching us about God’s love and grace and what it can do for us even in our sins.

What was the source of Joseph’s success?

The source of Joseph’s success was God. All who are gifted, all who are successful have these from God.

How is the nature of sin expressed in the unambiguous resistance of Potiphar’s wife by Joseph to lay with him?

When we sin, our sin is directed toward God, because His will for us is for us to live uprightly. Any wickedness to our neighbour is wickedness to God.

How do the dreams of Pharaoh parallel that of his officers and even Joseph?

  • The officers had two dreams no one could interpret, Pharaoh had two dreams that no one could interpret too.
  • Like the Officers, Pharaoh is troubled and reveals his dream to Joseph.

How did Joseph glorify God in the presence of Pharaoh?

Though Joseph was the one who interpreted the dream for Pharaoh, Joseph also makes it clear to Pharaoh that the interpretation was from God. Pharaoh got the message when He decided to appoint Joseph to be ruler over all of Egypt.

In Conclusion,

When events appear not to be providential at all and it seems as though God is silent, we should remember the story of Joseph. Joseph went through suffering for many years but God’s promises to him were still fulfilled and it was through him that the promise made to Abraham was fulfilled too. Whenever, it seems as though God is silent, let us learn to trust in God and cling to His promises as Joseph did in all the challenges he faced and God will strengthen us in Jesus’ name.

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