KNEC EXAM TRICKS 2019, KNEC is a professional exam written by High School Students with one of its objectives for gaining admission into a University or College. KNEC is a common requirement for admission into most Kenyan Institutions.


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Kenya National Examinations Council has a variety of sub-bodies which control other branches of examinations in Kenya. This brings us back to the topic, “KNEC Exam Tricks 2019“, it is one thing to know about a topic and it’s another thing to answer a cunning question regarding that same topic You claim to know. Many Students find it hard to answer questions regarding topics they might read before, this is of great concern. It is common among Students, and that’s Why I have prepared this article to help Students in this critical condition.

These Exam tricks for KNEC Candidates would go a long way to help reduce if not eradicate low ability to understand the questions and answers. KNEC Exam Questions come trickily and so without understanding How to deal with it, the exams become harder.


The tricks I would share with You in this session might be familiar to You in a way, but I’m reviving your consciousness. Please note that these KNEC Exam Tricks are not examination malpractices at all, it just gives You the courage to face Exam Questions, even though You are not quite sure of the answer. The KNEC Exam Tricks 2019 Edition are as follows:

  1. Odd-Man Out: This trick is common in the English Subject, art subjects and in some part of the science subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology and maybe Mathematics as the case may be. The odd man out is a trick that is all about studying the questions You are giving, in order to choose the odd one Out of the options. In other words, odd man out trick is simply selecting the odd option out of the list of options, because it is more likely that the odd option is the correct one.


Select the Options opposite in meaning to the words in bold

  • Bola’s parents went through an acrimonious divorce (a) a bitter (b) an acrid (c) a sour (d) a peaceful

You can see from the options that option ‘(d) a peaceful’ is the answer because It is the odd one out of the following, ie. it is the only positive option, while others are negativities.

  • Peace’s account of the incident is appalling (a) tasking (b) fascinating (c) horrifying (d) ridiculous

The answer is (b) fascinating because it is the odd one out of the following.

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