Kitale National Polytechnic website Kitale National Polytechnic website is active for all current and aspiring students that seek for information regarding the Institution. Kitale National Polytechnic website


The Kitale National Polytechnic has a website which allows Web Users to access information regarding the educational body online. Are You a new student to KNP and might be wandering the web address of the University? Good news because You have come to the right place. Kitale National Polytechnic website

Kitale National Polytechnic Official Website:-

The Management of KNP may tend to change plans and may change the website to something else, so in case that happens You could do well to contact them directly regarding issues about their website status.

Kitale National Polytechnic
P.O. Box 2162-30200
Kitale, Trans Nzoia County

Telephone: +254 721 379304 / +254 780 379304

Kitale National Polytechnic Functions

  1. Checking Latest News about the University: The Website functions to help web users to find vital information concerning the University. This is the major role the Website plays it helps to keep all students informed about happenings in the University without Him/Her needing to visit the University vicinity.
  2. Reviewing your University Documents: The University website also helps to store vital information about students of the University, this ranges from Admission letters, biodata and so on, this information is usually accessed in the Student Portal
  3. Paying School Fees: Students need not go to the University to pay fees because one can easily do all that in the comfort of his home through the University’s website fee portal.
  4. Registering Courses: Courses could be registered through the University’s website easily and more conveniently without stress. Most Universities in Kenya do not provide a platform on their website for registering courses, but the KUCCPS has provided a convenient platform through which Clients could register courses online to a University, in fact, all course registrations are done through the Kenya Universities and College Placement Service, If You do not know how to register courses on KUCCPS, Read this article on How to Register Courses on KUCCPS Portal
  5. University Online Application Forms: This Feature is fairly available on all University Websites, It is most relevant for aspiring students of the University, it helps applicants to the University to fill an Application form and submit to the University, this process is quite easy. Are You an aspiring student of University of Eastern Africa Baraton Click Here


You would not like to contact the Institution over information You saw on another site. For this singular reason, Johnene has seen the need to provide more reliable contact information through Which Starbinet Customers can get solutions to their problems. Please, Contact us below:-

Phone: Nil

Email: starbinetofficial[at]

The functions of the University are numerous, only to mention but a few, the best way to discover something is by actually discovering it, I know this phrase might not really make much sense but Understand It my way.


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