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The Kenyatta University Department of Agricultural Science and Technology is one of the marketable courses available as a department of its own in 2020. You may want to check the requirements below, that is if You want to apply for this KU course.



This Kenyatta University, KU Department has a special site for all the Agricultural Science and Technology students, but the application is still done on the official Kenyatta University application 2020 portal. The KU Agricultural Science and Technology cut off points & requirements are on the link below.

The Kenyatta University Department of Agricultural Science and Technology webpage serves as a directory for relevant information and updates meant for departmental members. As for the KU student portal and applications, it stays on the official homepage.

KU Department of Agricultural Science and Technology Application Form

KU Admission Requirements

The KU Admission Committee for Agricultural Science and Technology makes it clear its requirement for 2020. All Applicants should meet the Kenyatta University Admission Requirements before using the application form

Apply for Kenyatta University Intake to join this department.

About Agricultural Science and Technology

Teaching Resources
• Science laboratories are available in the department or related departments.
• Internet facilities are available for research, communication and accessing online information resources.
• Teaching methods include lectures, PowerPoint presentations, practicals and fieldwork.
• Resources are also sourced from other institutions where Memorandum of understanding has been signed, for example, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

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Staff and staff development
The department has a team of experienced full-time staff who have competencies in training and research in the following broad areas;
• Soil fertility management,

• Plant Breeding and crop improvement
• Crop Protection
• Crop Production and Horticulture
• Agricultural resources management,
• Agricultural modelling,
• Agro-forestry, Irrigation and Water harvesting management
• Biometry and Research methodologies

Currently, the department has a team of well-trained and qualified staff ranging from Lecturer to full Professor all with PhDs.

Research Science and Technology:
Research areas mainly focus on the management of Soil fertility, Soil management, Dryland management, Agro-forestry, Livestock production and fish farming under the current Economic Stimulus Programme. There is also interest in nutrient and crop modelling, and Organic matter management.

Kenyatta University Programmes Offered

The Department offers the following programmes:

B.Sc. Programmes
1. Bachelor of Science Agricultural Resource Management
2. Bachelor of Science Dry Land Agriculture and Enterprise Development
3. Bachelor of Science Agricultural Education and Extension
4. Bachelor of Science Agriculture
5. Bachelor of Science Crop Improvement & Protection
6. Bachelor of Science Horticulture

Masters Programmes
1. Master of Science Integrated Soil Fertility Management
2. Master of Science Dryland Agriculture
3. Master of Science Land & Water Management
4. Master of Science Plant Breeding
5. Master of Science Agronomy
6. Master of Science Seed Science & Trade
7. Master of Science Horticulture
8. Master of Science Crop Protection
• Entomology Option
• Plant Pathology Option

PhD Programmes
1. PhD Agronomy
2. PhD Plant Breeding
3. PhD Plant Pathology
4. PhD Agricultural Entomology
5. PhD Seed Science & Trade
6. PhD Horticulture
7. PhD Soil Science
8. PhD Integrated Soil Fertility Management
9. PhD Dryland Agriculture
10. PhD Land and Water Management

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Kenyatta University Contacts

If You have questions or you want to get more information concerning this subject matter, visit the Kenyatta University website or use the contact details below.

The Chairman
Accounting and Finance Department
Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254208710901 Ext: 57224

The Chairman
Business Administration Department
Kenyatta University
P.O. Box 43844 00100
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254208710901 Ext: 57215


The Chairman
Management Science Department
Physical address : KU Main Campus, Arts Complex Block I Room 303
Postal Address: P.O BOX 43844-00100, Nairobi Kenya
Tel: (+254-020) 8710901-3549


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