Kenyan Lesbian teacher arrested in the act of lesbianism

A female Kenyan Lesbian teacher was caught and arrested in the act of lesbianism. The story says that The female teacher and her ‘partner’ were arrested on Tuesday 30th June 2020’s night after neighbors were woken up by screams from their children. The kids were surprised to see their parents in the act resulting in their screaming.

The two women, Kallen Kwagiria (who is a 48 years old primary school teacher in Meru) and 38 year old Catherine Natoire, had spent the better part of the day in a drinking spree at a local pub. When dusk came, the two moved to the house of Naitore. At mid night the children heard funny noises from their mother’s bedroom and rushed to check what was happening.

To their amusement, they saw the two women naked and making love. The neighbors who had screams rushed to the scene and called the local chief. It is the latter who alerted the police who came and whisked the two to the Githongo police post.

Kenyan Lesbian teacher arrested in the act of lesbianism

They say,

“These women divorced their husbands and they live with their young children. We have been hearing rumors that they are lesbians but we wonder why they are doing the beastly act at their age,” added Muthoni.

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