Kenya Police Service GSU Salary Structure 2020

The General Service Unit, GSU salary structure 2020 experiences an increase. The Officers of the GSU will be happy to know that GSU earns higher than they used to earn.

The General Service Unit (GSU) has published online the salary structure for Kenya Police Officers in 2020. The Administration Police were merged with the Kenya police to undertake their obligations as one.
First of all, the Administration police in Kenya now work under the command of the Deputy Inspector of Police.

Check General Service Unit Salary Structure 2020

Here is the table showing how much the AP GSU and Kenya Police earn as Salary scale per month in 2020 after the increment plus their allowances.


If You are not yet a police officer, and after reviewing the salaries for kenya police officer want to join, feel free to check the Kenya Police Recruitment procedure here.

The role of the AP Kenya Police

Certainly, the core duties of the Administration Kenya Police (AP) in Kenya included:

(a) First, provision of assistance to the public when in need;
(b) Maintenance of law and order;
(c) Preservation of peace;
(d) Also, Protection of life and property;
(e) Provision of border patrol and border security;
(f) Again, provision of specialized stock theft prevention services;
(g) Protection of Government property, vital installations, and strategic points as may be directed by the Inspector-General.

Kenya Police AP GSU Salary Scale 2020 and Roles

(h) Likewise, rendering of support to Government agencies in the enforcement of administrative functions and the exercise of lawful duties;
(i) Furthermore, Coordinating with complementing Government agencies in conflict management and peacebuilding;
(j) Most noteworthy, they are responsible for the apprehension of law offenders;
(k) Finally, the performance of any other duties that may be prescribed by the Inspector-General under this Act or any other written law from time to time.

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