KEMU Fee Structure 2023/2024 – PDF Download

The Official Kenya Methodist University, KEMU Fee Structure 2023/2024 – PDF Download, The Authority of the KEMU has released the amount payable as school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Kenya Methodist University Prospective candidates who are offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the KEMU Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme for 2023/2024 academic session are hereby informed that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as an acceptance fee.

What Are the Current School Fees of KEMU?

If you are seeking Admission into KEMU it is best to be fully aware of the current tuition fees, and this knowledge will help you to avoid Admission Mistakes. See below;

KEMU Fees Structure Schedule

To access the official Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Tuition and fees schedule;

  • Go to the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Website
  • Next, click fees on the menu bar
  • Access the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Fees Structure or download the fees booklet pdf.

Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Official Website:

From the Link above, you can access the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) Fee Structure


1 DBA-Day Ksh 58,500

2 DBA-Centres Ksh 53,000

3 BBA-Day Ksh 81,300

4 BBA-Centres Ksh 75,800

5 BBA-Dlm Ksh 58,250

6 DBIT-Centres Ksh 56,500

7 BBIT-Centres Ksh 79,300

8 MBA-Weekend Ksh 89,500

9 MBA-Centres Ksh 89,500

10 Msc. Econ. Management Ksh 89,500


11 Diploma-Day Ksh 69,000

12 Diploma-centers Ksh 63,500

13 Diploma-(Food &bev).-Day Ksh 58,500

14 Bachelors-Day Ksh 92,100

15 Bachelors-Centres Ksh 86,600

16 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 58,250

17 Bachelors-School based Ksh 53,000

18 Diploma -School based Ksh 53,000

19 Post Graduate Diploma-S.Based-DLM Ksh 63,500

20 Masters-P.T Ksh 89,500


21 Diploma-Day Ksh 69,500

22 Bachelors-Day Ksh 92,300

23 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 60,250

24 Bachelors -Centres Ksh 79,300

25 Bachelors-information sc-centers Ksh 79,300

KeMU Fees structure for Theology.

26 Certificate-Day Ksh 48,000

27 Diploma-Day Ksh 66,900

28 Bachelors-Day Ksh 81,300

29 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 58,250

30 Masters-DLM Ksh 65,500



31 Bachelors-Day Ksh 87,300

32 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 71,250


Medical laboratory

33 Bachelors-Day Ksh 87,300

34 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 74,700

Clinical Medicine

35 Diploma-Day Ksh 79,000


36 Bachelors-Dlm Ksh 58,250

37 Masters-Dlm Ksh 65,500

Service Department

38 Bachelors-Applied Biology Ksh 87,300


1)In addition to the above,new students shall pay ksh 13,500 being development fee,orientation fees, caution money and student I.D card.

2)Boarding fees is khs 36,850 per trimester and a refundable key deposit of Khs 1,000 subject to availability of rooms.

3)Non -boarders wishing to take lunch and supper can pay shs 4,500 and 10,090 respectively for weekdays service only.

4)Graduation fee is shs 5,000 and shs 7,000 for under graduate and post graduate respectively.

5)Credit transfer application fees is shs 1,000 and each credit hour transfered shall be charged kes 1,000

6) Medical Lab. Students will pay a total of KES 10,000 for academic trip during the second and third year.Other students will pay per cost

7) Clerkship fee of sh 10,000 is payable by DCM students from the third trimester.

8) Attachment fee is KES 10,000 for all programmes except nursing & Medical Laboratory who will pay KES 25,000 and 30,000 respectively.

9) Teaching practice fee is KES 25,000 Payable once only by students pursuing Education programmes.

10) In addition masters students will pay Supervision fee of KES 5,100 per credit .The total amount will be paid in equal instalments commencing the first trimester of study.

12)Student pursuing science based programmes in applied biology, education and health scinces will pay KES 6000(Bachelors) ,KES 4000 for Diplomas per Trimester

13)Non full time students medical fee caters for Group Personal Accident

14) Laboratory cost for CIS based courses is included in IT & computer fee


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