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KCSE Kiswahili Past Paper 1 2016: Extra Free Aids


If You are among the Candidates that will be writing Kiswahili in the upcoming KCSE exams this year, review the past paper 1, it will go a long way in helping You. When You download the PDF of the 2016 KCSE Kiswahili Past Paper 1, paper 2, and paper 3 as the case may be, start practicing It consistently, using the marking scheme when necessary, You will see good results.

The past Papers will prepare You for the upcoming 2020 KCSE exams, and We believe that past questions are really worth It in revising for KCSE examinations. There are no new questions, it’s just a repetition of already-set questions but in a different tricky form.

KCSE Kiswahili Past Paper 1 2016

If You decide to buy the KCSE past revision Papers from us, the content of What You will receive for every order are as follows

  • Past Question
  • Marking Schemes
  • Predicted Questions

We will send the Past Papers PDF to your email for You to download and study. But If You download the free version on this page, certainly the marking schemes may be limited and obviously the KCSE prediction questions are not attached.

If at any point You experience difficulty in either downloading the paper 1, paper 2 or paper 3, feel free to drop a comment below and We’ll respond accordingly.

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Kiswahili Past Paper 1 2016

KCSE Paper 1 Questions and Answers for 2016

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1 Lazima

Wewe ni katibu wa kamati inayochunguza jinni ya kupambana na tatizo sugu la dawa za kulevya. Andika ripoti ukitoa mapendekezo ya kamati.

2 “Utalii una faida nyingi kuliko madhara nchini Kenya.” Jadili.

3 Andika insha inayobainisha maana ya methali’: Chombo cha kuzama hakina usukani.

4 Tunga kisa kitakachomalizika kwa: “Niligugumia ile chupa ya maji kwa pupa. Sikuamini kuwa kiu yangu ingekatika. Baada ya kumaliza kunywa maji yote, ndipo nilipotambua kwa kweli kuwa maji ni uhai.

If You want the marking schemes, send Us an email at: [email protected].com indicating your the subject and your name and We will guide You on How to get the documents.

KCSE Kiswahili Paper 2

->> Click Here to download Kiswahili Paper 2 PDF

KCSE Kiswahili Paper 3

->> The Kiswahili Paper 3 was not given

After a successful purchase of the past Papers It is time for revision. Put in your best and get the best out of your KCSE Exams.

To purchase the Past Papers, Go to the Matric Exam Papers Master Page

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We guess this information on KCSE Kiswahili Past Paper 1 was really helpful, tell Us What You think in the comment session below. We wish to hear your views, do not forget to use the share buttons below to share with others.



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