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Review the KCSE Home Science Past Paper 2 2016


If You are among the Candidates that will be writing Home Science in the upcoming KCSE exams this year, review the past paper 2, It is very helpful. After a successful download of the PDF of KCSE Home Science Past Paper 2 for 2016, and start practicing It consistently You will see good results.

The past Papers will prepare You for the upcoming 2020 KCSE exams, We believe that past questions are worth It when it comes to revision for KCSE examinations. You must know that there are no new questions, it’s just a repetition of already-set questions but in a different tricky form.

KCSE Home Science Past Paper 2 2016

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Home Science Paper 2

KCSE Government Paper 2 Questions and Answers for 2016

Questions and Answers

Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

Girl’s Dress

A pattern of a girl’s dress is provided. You are advised to study the sketches, instructions and the layout carefully before you begin the test.

Materials Provided

1. Pattern Pieces

A. Skirt front and back

B. Bodice front

C. Bodice back

D. Sleeve

E. Back neck facing

2. Plain lightweight cotton fabric 60 cm long and 90cm wide.

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3. Sewing thread to match the fabric.

4. One large envelope.

The Test

Using the materials provided, lay, cut out and make the LEFT HALF of a girl’s dress to show the following processes:

(a) Cutting out. (13½ marks)

(b) Making of the shoulder seam using an open seam. (8 marks)

(c) Joining the back neck facing to the extended front facing. Attaching the facing to finish the neckline. (16 marks)

(d) Making the bodice side and underarm seam using a french seam. (11 marks)

(e) Preparing and attaching the sleeve to the armhole. Neaten a quarter of the armhole seam from the underarm seam using loop stitches.

Manage the sleeve hem with tacking stitches. (19 marks)

(f) Preparing the skirt using gathers and attaching it to the bodice. (12 marks)

(g) Neatening the free-edge of the facings. (4 marks)

(h) Overall presentation. (6½ marks)

At the end of the examination, firmly sew onto your work, on a single fabric a label bearing your name and index number.

Remove the needle, pins and loose threads from your work.

Fold your work neatly and place it in the envelope provided.

Do not put scraps of fabric in the envelope. Do not seal the envelope.

Dress View

KCSE Home Science Past Paper 2 2016 dress view

Home Science Paper 2 (441/2)
Questions and Answers

1. Presentation

(a) Work well pressed (1) and folded (½).

(b) Label (½) firmly sewn (1) without concealing details (½) and on a single fabric (½).

(c) Pins/needles (½) unnecessary tacking threads

(½) and loose threads (½) removed

.(d) Made up for the left half (1).

2. Cutting out

(a) All five pieces cut-out (5 x ½).

(b) Smooth cutting of the dress-skirt CB (2) and on straight grain (1) to within 3mm. 3

(c) Smooth cutting of the front bodice (2) and on straight grain (1). Mark by impression 3

(d) Smooth cutting of bodice back (1) and on straight grain (1) to within 3 mm. 2

(e) Sleeve cut on straight grain. 1

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Smooth cutting of the back neck facing (½) and on straight grain (½) to within 2mm.

(g) Smooth cutting of skirt lower edge

Sub-total 14½

3. Shoulder Seam (Open Seam)

(If not open seam award Zero)

(a) Seam joined with straight stitchery

(b) Well neatened raw edges (1×2).

(c) Evenness of seam allowance 2

(d) Seam pressed open (½ x2) and flat, R.S (½ x2), W.S (½ x2)at neckline and at armhole

(e) Correct size of seam-allowance (1 cm) to within 2mm (0.8 cm — 1.2 cm) (½X2)

4. Neck Facing

: (a) Back and extended front facing joined with straight stitchery (½) Seam trimmed (½) pressed open(½) and unneatened(½).

(b) Facing attached to neckline with smooth stitchery

(c) Seam trimmed (1) Snipped (2) and under stitched (2) 5

(d) Facing seam and shoulder seam meeting to within 2 mm at neckline and shoulder seam (2) and held down with a (1) stitch

(e) Centre front of extended facing well pointed (1) 1

Extended facing well folded (½) and flat (½) at the centre front.

(g) Flatness of neck-facing ( front and back).

5. (French Seam)

(If not French seam award zero) from B- H

(a) Underarm Seam and side seam made before 1 sleeve is attached.

(b) Straight stitchery of seam. (1×2) 2

(c) Seam well-trimmed(½) x2, no threads on RS (½X2). 2

(d) Seam well-knife edged (1/ ) x2 1

(e) Evenness of seam ‘½ x2 1

(f) Correct size (6 mm) to within 2mm (4-8 mm) 1 ½ X2

(g) Seam pressed towards the back at armhole (½ x2) and at the waist line (½ x2)

(h) Flatness of seam at the armhole (1/2 x2) and at 2 the waistline (½ x2)

(i) Side seam and underarm seam meeting to 1 within 2 mm

6. Sleeve

(a) Good hang

(b) Easing evenly distributed (1) around the crown

(c) Armhole seam made with smooth stitchery

(d) Correct positioning of sleeve i.e back to back (1) bodice and front on front ) bodice

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(e) Armhole seam smoothly trimmed (1 cm)

(g) within (2mm )( 0.8 -1.2 cm) (½)

(h) A quarter of the armhole seam neatened with the loop stitches(1) using single thread(½) Sleeve hem managed by edge-stitching (1) and turned (1) and held down with tacking (1) stitched only using single thread (½) Sleeve hem size 1.2 cm to within 2mm ( 1 cm to 1.4 cm).

(b) Neatening of the Armhole

If not loop stitches award zero.

Loop stitches evenly spaced (1) and even in length (1).

Stitches securely fastened on (½) and off (½).

8. Skirt

(a) Gathers well distributed (2) and good hang (2).

Smooth (1) stitchery (1) of the waistline seam.

(c) Evenness of seam

(d) The space at the extended facing part of the waistline seam not gathered

(e) Stitching line between the two gathering rows.

(f) Award marks if gathers are of good quality

9. Facing

(a) Free- edge facing smoothly neatened

(b) Facing pressed flat

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KCSE Home Science Paper 1

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KCSE Home Science Paper 3

->> There was no KCSE Home Science Paper 3 in 2016

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