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KCSE CRE Paper 2 2019 PDF – If You are among the Candidates that will be writing CRE in the upcoming KCSE exams this year, review the past paper 2, It is very helpful. After a successful download of the PDF of KCSE CRE Past Paper 2 for 2019, and start practicing the KCSE CRE Paper 2 2019 consistently You will see good results.

KCSE CRE Paper 2 2019

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The KCSE CRE past Papers with answers will prepare You for the upcoming KCSE exams 2020, We believe that past questions are worth It when it comes to revision for KCSE examinations. You must know that there are no new questions, it’s just a repetition of already-set questions but in a different tricky form.


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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education CRE Past Paper 2

KCSE CRE Paper 2 2019 Questions and Answers
KCSE Past Papers 2019 Christian Religious Education Paper 2

Christian Religious Education paper 2

1. (a) List five titles that Prophet Isaiah used to refer to the futtirl Messiah. (5 marks)

(b) Describe the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist by Angel Gabriel. (Luke l:5-25) (8 marks)

(c) State seven ways in which a Christian couple should respond to the challenge of being childless. (7 marks)

2. (a) State five reasons why Jesus used parables in his teaching. (5 marks)

(b) Describe the parable of the good samaritan. (Luke 10:29-37). (7 marks)

(c) Give seven reasons why some Christians find it difficult to help the needy. (7 marks)

3. (a) State the teaching of Jesus on how a Christian should approach God in prayer. (7 marks)

(b) Describe the incident in which Jesus healed ten lepers. (Luke 17:11-19). (6 marks)

(c) Identify seven ways in which Christians demonstrate their faith in God. (7 marks)

4. (a) State the teaching of Saint Paul on the proper use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church. (7 marks)

(b) Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the image of the bride. (5 marks)

(c) Outline the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church today. (8 marks)

5. (a) Outline six roles of a professional code in a work place. (6 marks)

(b) State seven similarities in the traditional African and Christian view on work. (7 marks)

(c) Give seven reasons why Christians condemn idleness in the society today. (7 marks)

6. (a) Outline eight traditional African practices that promote order and justice in the society. (8 marks)

(b) State six reasons why Christians in Kenya should vote during the national general elections. (6 marks)

(c) Give six ways through which Christians can reduce tribalism in Kenya today. (6 marks)

KCSE CRE Paper 2 2019 Questions and Answers

KCSE CRE Marking schemes Paper 2 2019

Christian Religious Education paper 2

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KCSE CRE Paper 1 2019

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KCSE CRE Paper 3 2019

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