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KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers


KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF – If You are among the Candidates that will be writing Business Studies in the upcoming KCSE exams this year, review the past paper 2, It is very helpful. After a successful download of the PDF of KCSE Business Studies Past Paper 1 for 2019, start practicing the KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 consistently to see good results.

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019

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There are KCSE Business Studies past Papers that will prepare You for the upcoming KCSE exams 2020, We believe that KCSE Business Studies questions and answers are worth It when it comes to revision for KCSE examinations. You must know that there are no new questions, it’s just a repetition of already-set Business Studies questions but in a different tricky form.

KCSE Business Studies PAPER 1 2019 with Answers

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Business Studies Past Paper 

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019

Business Studies KCSE 2019 Questions and Answers

BST paper 1

Answer all the questions in the spaces provided.

Paper 1

1. State whether the commodity or service given in the table below would satisfy a basic human want or a secondary human want.(4 marks)

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 1

2. Outline four factors that make office managers to communicate in writing to their staff.(4 marks)

3. The information given below was extracted from the books of Birika Traders on 31 December 2014: (4 marks)

DetailsFurniture and fittings Debtors Capital Commission earned Creditors Drawings 5 year Bank Loan Discount received

Amount (Ksh)234,000 67,500 157,900 13,200 34,750 21,800 114,450 3,000

Required: Prepare Birika Traders Trial Balance as at 31 December 2014.

4. Highlight four functions of an office in an organisation.(4 marks)

5. Outline four roles played by the Nairobi Securities Exchange in the Kenyan economy.(4 marks)

6. Name the basic concept in population described in the statements given below: (4 marks)

(a) Population size that is adequate for the full utilisation of available resources in country

(b) The average number of births per one thousand women in a year.

(e) When a country is experiencing higher death rates than birth rates.

(d) Where a bigger proportion of the population is comprised of people who are above 55 years old.

7. State the circumstance under which each of the following terms of trade would be applied in foreign trade. (4 marks)

(a) Franco ………………………………….

(c) In Bond …………………………….

(d) Free Alongside Ship …………………… …..

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8. Complete the diagram below to illustrate the classification of trade. (3 marks)

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 2

9. Highlight four iricrits of using sales people to promote the Sales of a particular product. (4 marks)

10. By use of the book keeping equation, determine the missing values in the table below: (4 marks)

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 3

11. Outline four features that may indicate a country’s state of underdevelopment. (4 marks)

12. List four types of small-scale rctail business that one can run without a shop. (4 marks)

13. Highlight four functions of the Department of External Trade in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives. (4 marks)

14. Outline four factors that Chemichemi Dairies would consider when selecting a channel to distribute their fresh milk.(4 marks)

15. State the relevant books of originel entry into which information is extracted from the source documents given below would be recordcd:

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 4

16. Outline four features of co-operative societies.(4 marks)

17. Highlight four factors which may lead to an increase in a country’s national income. (4 marks)

18.The following information was extracted from the books of Jabali Traders on 31 December 2015.

Details Ksh

Purchases – 84,375

Carriage out – 7,400

Stock on 1/1/2015 – 67,900

Carriage in – 9,170

Stock on 31/1/2015 – 17,970

Returns out – 15,520

(a) Determine net purchases.(3 marks)

(b) State two reasons for preparing the trading account.(2 marks)

19. Identify the level of production into which the following workers belong:

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 5

20. Outline four characteristics of a good tax system.(4 marks)

21. Highlight four contributions of entrepreneurs to the growth of an economy.(4 marks)

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22. Highlight four factors that may influence an individual’s demand for money in order to fulfil the transaction motive (4 marks)

23. Determine the excess demand or excess supply from the combined demand and supply schedules of oranges given below:(4 marks)

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 PDF: Free Past Papers 6

24.Outline four benefits for a bonded warehouse to the importer (4 marks)

25.Apart kom trains and motor vehicles, state four other means of transporting goods and people on land. (4 marks)

KCSE Business Studies Paper 1 2019 Questions and Answers

KCSE Business Studies Marking scheme Paper 1 – Business Studies and Government paper 1

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KCSE Business Studies Paper 2 2019

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KCSE Business Studies Paper 3 2019

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