How To Make Money Online & Get Paid is available

How To Make Money Online & Get Paid is available | Apply Now

When Njoki graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication in 2016, she hoped to secure employment as soon as possible, to enable her to earn a living and support her family.

Unfortunately, after numerous applications, no job was forthcoming. Later, the only job available was an administration job at a nearby facility with a salary of Ksh10,000. This was a far cry from the payslip she had dreamed of. She worked for only two months and resigned to join a friend in Nairobi who worked as a freelance writer and was doing well financially.

Being a quick learner, Njoki mastered the art of online writing. Her friend assisted her to open an online writing account and within a few months, she was earning. Her financial dreams had come true.

Today, she is among many Kenyans who are earning a decent livelihood working online.

To be a successful online writer, you will need to possess a marketable skill such as writing, translation, marketing or graphic design which you will use to offer clients online.

You also need a computer with a reliable internet connection. If you don’t have one, you can do the work at a cybercafé.

Here are a few ways you can make money online:

1. Writing and editing

This is the most popular way of making money online. If you have good writing skills, you can venture into article writing, blog posts writing, product descriptions and search engine optimization content writing among others. Academic writing is popular in the country, but it can be looked at as assisting students to cheat in their assignments.

2. Blogging

A blog is a website whose content is regularly updated and in most cases is informal and conversational. Bloggers tend to identify a niche area such as motherhood, farming, gossip, sports or business and then create content that will naturally drive people to the blog.

They make money through Google Adsense, sponsored content or affiliate marketing. In a blog post they post links that direct traffic to another site.

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3. Transcription

The job entails converting audio files to written texts. You will receive audio or video files from the marketplace, listen to them and type out content. This will require you to invest in high-quality headphones for clear sound. You can sell your transcription services to businesses, legal or medical firms.

4. Data entry

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It involves inputting data into online forms that your client will provide. Many times you will be typing figures and words into the spaces provided by a client. Other times the work will be as easy as copy-pasting information from a website email. By nature, it does not require specialist skills thus it attracts tens of freelancers.

5. Translation

If you are competent in several languages, you can make money translating documents. In the Kenya, many people are competent in English and Kiswahili. If one is also good in another language such as Chinese, French or Spanish they can surf the web for translation jobs.

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In the end,

Find what you are good at and stick to it. This way, you will be able to create your own income, and be your own boss.

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