How to Apply for KUCCPS Courses in less than Five Minutes

Want to apply for KUCCPS courses but still don’t know how to do it?

Don’t worry, there are many levels of applications you can make through the placement service but the most popular one, the one which most students opt for when joinin campus is the KUCCPS diploma application.

Here we’ll show you how to apply for KUCCPS diploma courses and get admitted to the course of your choice.

Did you know that some employers prefer diploma students for job positions than degree holders.

Diploma courses are getting more and more demand nowadays. Even KCSE canditates who qualify to pursue degree programmes have noticed this and that’s why some would rather choose to pursue a diploma instead.

But not all diploma courses are marketable. Infact the problem starts with making the wrong choices during your KUCCPS application.

That’s why this guide will tell you everything you need to know and show you exactly how to apply for KUCCPS diploma courses easily.

But first let’s understand what are KUCCPS diploma courses and what exactly is entailed in your application.

What are KUCCPS diploma courses

The term has been coined to refer to career programmes that are available for application through the placement service (KUCCPS) at Diploma level.

KUCCPS stands for Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service and is a state corporation mandated with placing students for admission of government sponsored students to various institutions of higher education.

KUCCPS helps admit students to different universities, colleges and TVETs for government sponsorship.

Here you will know which diploma courses are available for application and which are the universities and colleges approved by KUCCPS to offer certain courses.

We’ll also explain to you the most marketable KUCCPS diploma courses in Kenya and guide you to more relevant resources.

Eligibility for KUCCPS application

To apply for KUCCPS placement you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Kenyan citizen, protected under the Kenyan constitution.
  • You must have sat KCSE/KCPE in an approved institution in Kenya or have similar qualifications.
  • You should apply for the placement online through the KUCCPS student portal.

Requirements for KUCCPS Diploma application

Basically, in order to apply and be placed through KUCCPS for a diploma course you must have attained a C-(minus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Also each programme has a set of minimum subject requirements and cut-off points that you should meet to be considered for admission.

To simplify it for you, below is a list of all KUCCPS diploma courses available for application. Kindly note that the courses listed herein may change from time to time to reflect on recent updates from the placement service. You can keep checking here for changes.

List of KUCCPS diploma courses

Here is a summary list of KUCCPS diploma courses:

  • Business (Diploma).
  • Clothing Textile (Diploma).
  • Computing (Diploma).
  • Custom Administration (Diploma).
  • Education Science (Diploma).
  • Engineering (Diploma).
  • Health Sciences (Diploma).
  • Social Sciences (Diploma).
  • Sciences (Diploma).
  • Tax Administration (Diploma).
  • Technical (Diploma).
  • Tourism & Hotel Management (Diploma).
  • Education Arts (Diploma).
  • Media Studies (Diploma).


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