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Government Agencies in Kenya List has been successfully uploaded online. If You are looking for any Kenyan organization/ agency? This page is probably what you need, You can review the list of Government agencies in Kenya and their contacts as well.

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There are different agencies in Kenya based on categories, However We will list out the organizations in Kenya alphabetically in the other headings.

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Now If You were searching for an agency that falls under any of the categories mentioned above. You will have to leave a comment below and We will help You with sorting out things, but You do not have to leave the page yet. you can check the Organizations in Kenya listed below, You may likely see the agency and get to contact Kenya Agencies.

Government Agencies in Kenya

Here are the list of Government Agencies in Kenya

  1. Kenya Airports Authority
  2. Attorney General of Kenya
  3. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  4. Central Bank of Kenya
  5. Capital Markets Authority of Kenya
  6. Betting Control and Licensing Board
  7. Insurance Regulatory Authority (Kenya)
  8. Retirement Benefits Authority of Kenya
  9. Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority
  10. Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution
  11. Commission on Administrative Justice
  12. Commission on Revenue Allocation
  13. Commissions and Independent Offices of Kenya
  14. Communications Authority of Kenya
  15. Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre
  16. Kenya Economic Stimulus Program
  17. Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board
  18. National Environment Management Authority of Kenya
  19. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  20. Export Promotion Council
  21. Kenya Film Classification Board
  22. Kenya Film Commission
  23. Clinical Officers Council
  24. Kenya Forest Service
  25. Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
  26. Information and Communication Technology Authority (Kenya)
  27. Judicial Service Commission (Kenya)
  28. Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority
  29. Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission
  30. Kenya Bureau of Standards
  31. Kenya Coast Guard Service
  32. Kenya Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board
  33. Kenya Law Reform Commission
  34. Kenya Medical Supplies Agency
  35. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
  36. Kenya National Examinations Council
  37. Local authorities of Kenya
  38. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services
  39. Kenya Army
  40. Kenya Defence Forces
  41. National Cohesion and Integration Commission
  42. National Hospital Insurance Fund
  43. National Intelligence Service (Kenya)
  44. National Land Commission
  45. National Police Service Commission
  46. National Social Security Fund (Kenya)
  47. National Youth Service (Kenya)
  48. Kenya Navy
  49. Office of the Auditor-General (Kenya)
  50. Office of the Controller of Budget (Kenya)
  51. Parliamentary Service Commission
  52. Permanent Presidential Commission on Soil Conservation and Afforestation
  53. Permanent Presidential Music Commission
  54. Kenya Ports Authority
  55. Public Service Commission (Kenya)
  56. Registrar of Trade Unions
  57. Kenya Revenue Authority
  58. Salaries and Remuneration Commission
  59. Teachers Service Commission
  60. Waki Commission
  61. Kenya Wildlife Service

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