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Starbinet Company provides you with all the basic information an average citizen needs from the internet in Kenya.

Starbinet initially focused on the Educational aspect of Kenya but we saw the need to expand the Business Company to the point of being an Online Portal for all the basic Information. Starbinet is working hard to make sure we win the trust and interest of Our Customers. Starbinet Official Website comprises of Five Categories, which are Entertainment, Technology, Education, Opportunities, and Documentaries. We would emphasize on these five categories below based on the type of Services you get from them.

Entertainment: This category carries a variety of music styles such as Gospel, Hip Pop, Country, etc. It also contains Circular news, lyrics, trending videos, and every other trend. The sub-categories of this category include Video Trends, Music, and News.

Technology: This category covers the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) aspect, which includes devices like Laptops & phones, TV,’s, etc. For now, we have sub-categories for Order; this has to do with the shopping online and Upcoming products. We believe that with time on our side we would improve our Services on this category.

Education: This category is responsible for all news from the Educational Sector in South Africa such as Admission Letters, Admission Forms, Fees, Academic Calendars, Admission Lists, portals, courses, etc. The sub-categories for this category include Admissions, Academic Calendars, Portals, Courses, and Fees.

Opportunities: This Category concerns all Opportunities available for all citizens of Kenya. These opportunities include; Jobs available in your area, Scholarships for undergraduates, postgraduates, diploma, PhD, and others. The sub-categories are Scholarships, Jobs, and Competitions.
Documentaries: This has to do with the special and genuine articles provided by Starbinet that intends to educate Readers. There are no sub-categories for this category as it is well defined.
Starbinet updates her Services from time to time and we assure all our site visitors that we would always work hard to give the best site experience. However, to get the best out of our site we advise you create an account with us. Account unavailability might limit the full access to some pages and categories on our site, categories like Documentaries and other site-related posts.

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